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Getting started

Explore our website to learn more about your treatment with EUCRISA and what resources are available to you. Simply enter the DIN code located on your carton of EUCRISA to enter.

Where to find the DIN?
EUCRISA Patient Assistance Card.

Download and save with your EUCRISA Patient Assistance Card

Receive partial financial assistance towards a 60-gram tube of EUCRISA

In the fields below, confirm whether you are receiving public or private insurance and specify your province:

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How the Patient Assistance Card works

The EUCRISA Patient Assistance Card is a savings card that provides you with partial financial assistance (based on insurance coverage) towards a full 60-gram tube of EUCRISA.

It works just like an insurance plan card. At the pharmacy:

Hand the Patient Assistance Card to the pharmacist, along with your eligible EUCRISA prescription

They will enter the plan information into their system

Partial financial assistance will be immediately applied towards a full 60-gram tube of EUCRISA